Friday, March 17, 2017


No Weather Talks, anymore.
After 5 years as a band we have to face the fact that it has become increasingly difficult to create the conditions necessary to collectively work on a follow-up to our LP „Undoing Defeat“, released 2 years ago.

Therefore, we have decided to part ways and continue to play music in other constellations.

Since the fact that we (like any decent rock group) frequently annoy the hell out of each other, wasn't the main reason for this decision, we will be heading out for one last tour of the UK and Germany this May. Our final show will be in June, at BOOZE CRUISE - Festival in Hamburg.
However, during the past months, we haven't been lazy: Several new projects have already been started. Fredrika is playing bass with Mood Change and the others will also soon resurface with new music. However, they'll still have to come up with names for the new bands.
For our final show at Booze Cruise, we're glad to be sharing the stage with friends: Both Modern Saints and Irish Handcuffs will be playing. The latter have recently shared a split 7Inch with us.
See y'all soon.


No Weather Talks, anymore.
Im fünften Jahr unserer Band müssen wir der Tatsache ins Auge sehen, dass es aktuell unmöglich geworden ist, Bedingungen zu schaffen, unter denen wir kollektiv an einem Nachfolger für unsere mittlerweile zwei Jahre alte LP „Undoing Defeat“ arbeiten können.

Wir haben uns daher entschlossen, in Zukunft getrennte Wege zu gehen und fortan in anderen Konstellationen Musik zu machen.

Da allerdings die Tatsache, dass wir uns (wie jede vernünftige Rockgruppe) ab und zu gegenseitig auf den Wecker gehen nicht der ausschlaggebende Grund für diese Trennung ist, werden wir Anfang Mai noch einmal in England und Deutschland auf Tour gehen. Im Juni werden wir dann anlässlich des Booze Cruise Festivals ein allerletztes Mal in Hamburg auf der Bühne stehen.
In den letzten Monaten haben wir aber nicht nur Däumchen gedreht: Mehrere neue Projekte sind bereits in den Startlöchern. Flicke spielt in Kiel Bass bei Mood Change und auch die Hamburger werden bald mit neuer Musik zurück sein. Für die entstandenen Bands müssen allerdings noch geeignete Namen gefunden werden.
Wir freuen uns sehr, zu unserem Abschied auf dem Booze Cruise Festival mit Freunden die Bühne teilen zu können: Modern Saints und Irish Handcuffs werden beide dabei sein.
Bis bald!

wed 03.05. Münster, GER/Baracke
thu 04.05. London, UK/Diy Space
fri 05.05. TBA
sat 06.05. Bristol, UK/Deadpunk Special
sun 07.05. Leeds, UK/Wharf Chambers
mon 08.05. Hull, UK/Früit
tue 09.05. Manchester, UK/Fuel
wed 10.05. Cardiff, UK/Gwdihw
thu 11.05. TBA
fri 12.05. Hastings, UK/Flairz
sat 13.05. Köln, GER/Limes

fri 16.06. Hamburg, GER/Booze Cruise Fest *LAST SHOW*

Friday, February 17, 2017

NWT UK TOUR - May 2017

Stoked to announce that we will be playing Deadpunk Special - Feat AJJ, Martha, Slingshot Dakota & more in Bristol on May 6th with a lot of cool bands and many friends. Can't wait to get back to the UK! So obviously, this means we will be TOURING the UK around that date. We have more shows to be announced soon and also, we are still looking to fill some holes in our schedule so please don't hesitate to drop us a mail if you want us to play your show/city!!!

*NWT UK TOUR 2017*
wed 3.5.17 Münster, Ger@Baracke
thu 4.5.17 London@DIY Space w/Crusades
fri 5.5.17 tba. ->HELP!
sat 6.5.17 Bristol@Deadpunk Special
sun 7.5.17 Leeds@Wharf Chambers
mon 8.5.17 Hull@Früit
tue 9.5.17 tba ->HELP!
wed 10.5.17 Cardiff@tba w/Caves
thu 11.5.17 tba ->HELP! 
fri 12.5.17 Hastings @Flairz
sat 13.5.17 Köln, Ger@Limes


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Hello 2017

Here's another "last year/new year" post: 2017 already seems to offer maybe even more reasons to scream and sing about than last year and thats what we have been doing since our little bands humble beginnings in 2012, which, by the way, means we'll turn five in 2017, just like our friends in Irish Handcuffs who have recently shared a split 7inch with us (Out on Gunner Records since fall 2016). Been there done that - but some things stand out a little bit more, like, Obenuse Fest for example which was quite a highlight (evidence in the picture, thanx to - concert photography). Furthermore, we share fond memories of our first ever tour of the USA with beloved Dan Webb and the Spiders, thanx again for taking us out! Not to mention THE FEST, can you believe it Gainesville, its been five years already. So, for us, not much is new in 2017, cooking up a few shows and maybe a little tour here or there and theres been talk about some new music and a few little changes (let's call them "improvements") that might come with it. Let's all try to make 2017 the best it could possibly be & see y'all soon.

Pic by 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

entire split 7inch streaming at bandcamp/vinyl available//final shows of 2016

Hey. Some lazy NWT's finally got their stuff updated. You can now stream and download our entire split 7inch with Irish Handcuffs over at bandcamp. Also, vinyl now is available directly from us (Free download included).
Plus, we got two last shows coming up for this year:
fri 23.12. Holzminden - Jugendzentrum
fri 30.12. Hamburg - Störte

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

back from FEST15 & US Tour

THE FEST is over & so is our US east coast tour with Dan Webb and the Spiders. Some of us arrived back home safe & sound while others enjoy the pools & beaches of Florida for a little more of that "summer in october" we've all been craving for. Big hugs and endless love to all of you who hung out, partied with us, shared gear etc etc. Thanx, first of all, to Dan Webb and the Spiders who made the whole trip possible for us but also Worriers, Arms Aloft, Irish Handcuffs, Empty Lungs, No Fun, Thunderclap, FEST staff & all the volunteers, friends in Gainesville, UK crew, friends from back home....see y'all again soon. Pic by Jen Cray, check out the link for more pics:

pic by Jen Cray

Saturday, October 15, 2016

New song "Words Built This City"!

Hey world! Say hello to "Words Built this City", a new song off our upcoming split 7Inch with our beloved bavarian friends, Irish Handcuffsfrom Regensburg.
Vinyl is available for pre-order NOW via Gunner Records:…/…/ca9et38g3t786j4nq5cg61f412

Our side of the split was recorded by Kay Petersen at Melloton, Hamburg. Mastering by Dave Willams (of Crvsades : Official & Sedatives) at Eight Floors Above Mastering Co.. Artwork by David Finke (Modern Saints,fairtrademerch). Thanx dudes!

Monday, October 3, 2016

upcoming split 7Inch w/IRISH HANDCUFFS // US tourdates w/DAN WEBB & THE SPIDERS

Earlier this year, we recorded two new songs for a split 7Inch with our friends from Regensburg, IRISH HANDCUFFS. We're happy to announce that the record is almost finished and will be out soon via GUNNER RECORDS! 
Also, our little US EAST COAST TOUR with DAN WEBB & THE SPIDERS (& some shows with IRISH HANDCUFFS) is just two weeks away. And dont forget about PRE-FEST in Tampa, Gainesville PREFEST & FEST15! 

tue 18.10.16 Allston, MA@O'Briens Pub w/Dan Webb & The Spiders, Bird Watching, Bundles
wed 19.10.16 Salem, MA@Koto w/Dan Webb & The Spiders, Heavy Denim, Bundles
thu 20.10.16 Brooklyn, NY@TBA w/Dan Webb & The Spiders
fri 21.10.16 Philadelphia, PA@PhilaMoca w/Worriers, Dan Webb & The Spiders, Eight, Aster More
sat 22.10.16 Richmond, VA@Mojo Bar w/Dan Webb & The Spiders
sun 23.10.16 Atlanta, GA@TBA w/Irish Handcuffs, Dan Webb & The Spiders
wed 26.10.16 Tampa, FL@New World Brewery, BIG PRE-FEST IN LITTLE YBOR4 w/Awkward Age, No Fun, Wonk Unit & more
thu 27.10.16 Gainesville, FL@TBA, Gainesville Pre-Fest w/Gunmoll, Arms Aloft, Dikembe, Dan Webb & The Spiders, Irish Handcuffs & many more
sat 29.10.16 Gainesville, FL@High Dive, THE FEST15 w/The Copyrights, Chixdiggit, Broadway Calls, Worriers, Tender Defender & more